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If you are a property owner or looking to buy, a building and pest inspection is an important process. You need a trained and qualified inspector to give you an accurate report that outlines all possible problems with the property.

We have been offering home owners and prospective buyers with detailed, informative and independent building and pest inspection reports in Brisbane for over 10 years. We have established a great reputation using our affordability, reliability and trustworthiness. Every inspection is completed by a fully licensed and qualified professional.

We can inspect properties in Brisbane Northside, Southside, East and West as well as Ipswich and Toowomba. We also cover the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions.

Inspection Overview: What are they important?

Every Building and Pest Inspection is performed by a professionally trained inspector. They will determine the structural condition of your property from inside and out. You will also receive an easy to follow and comprehensive pest infestation report which will outline any pest activity we identify. As with every inspection, our detailed reports are presented in an easy to understand format, giving you all the information you need to make your purchase decision. Our reports highlight building defects and problems such as termite of pest infestations, rising damp, cracked walls, leaking or damaged roofs among many other problems.

A building inspection helps prospective property buyers make informed investment decisions. They also assist homeowners in having a complete understanding of the structural state of their property. For prospective property buyers and investors the inspection can be done before the purchase contracts, they safeguard the investment for the buyer. The inspections also protects prospective buyers from incurring huge financial losses i.e. buying damaged/pest infested properties. Most real estate agents will highly recommend having a property inspector look over the house before the buyer makes a decision.

Our Services

We offer a variety of inspection services which include (but aren’t limited to);

  1. Building And Pest Inspection

This service includes both inspection services and is aimed at ensuring the property you buy (as well as its surroundings) is sound. Pro Pest Control Brisbane utilizes the latest inspection techniques. Thermal imaging is used to detect the slightest building and pest issues that could be a potential risk.

  1. Building stage Inspection

As the name suggests, this service is offered at a certain stage of building i.e. the foundation stage, frame stage, waterproofing stage, pre-painting stage or handover/completion stage. This service is offered to ensure property buyers make payments with confidence since every stage of building is monitored.

  1. Handover inspection & reports

Our handover inspection and reports are prepared after a very comprehensive inspection is carried out. We guarantee our reports to give our clients unmatched peace of mind when making the final purchasing decision.

  1. Pre-purchase inspections

We also offer vendor or pre-purchase inspection services to give our clients an opportunity to access the condition of their property before listing the property for sale. This service gives our clients the opportunity to rectify structural damage as well as pest problems that can reduce their chances of making a successful/profitable sale.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We are highly qualified, experienced and licensed

Our building inspectors are fully licensed, highly qualified and have the experience to deliver quality reports. That’s exactly why we are relied upon by our repeat customers. We also hire the the most reputed professionals when sub contracting services during busy periods.

  1. Our services have been tested and proven

We also have a long list of satisfied clients most of who came to us as referrals. Our services have been tested thoroughly and proven to work. Each inspection is effective, reliable and accurate.

  1. We are fast

We don’t like to keep our clients waiting. We offer fast quotes, stick to appointments and also offer emergency services when required.

  1. We are affordable

We don’t overcharge our clients. Our services are high quality but reasonably priced.


  • Brisbane City, Metro & CBD
  • Northside – Brisbane
  • Southside – Brisbane
  • Brisbane East & West
  • Toowoomba & Ipswich
  • Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast


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