Protecting Your Family From Pests – All Year Round

Importance of Annual Pest Control

Protecting your family from pests all year round is important. Pests are sneaky little creatures that infest different areas at different times of the year. Instead of dealing with pests only when you see them or begin to see signs of an infestation, it is vital to ensure that you maintain all-year-round pest control. The pests’ number one instinct is always survival. Living through different weather conditions all year round is a priority for pests. You should be on the lookout and be prepared for a yearly fight against them. 

A lot of people opt to look for a quick, one-time fix for their pest problems but this should not be the case.

Below are some of the advantages that homeowners will reap from maintaining a yearly pest control plan. 

The Benefits

1. Live Pest free

This is motivation enough to do annual pest control. Pests can wreak havoc on your home and business, posing serious health risks to you and the people around you. With an annual pest control plan, you never have to think about pests. 

2. On-call service all year

Annual pest control allows you to schedule services ahead of time. Instead of calling in for emergency treatment, your pest control is done at a convenient time for you. Inspections are also regularly done to reveal any new pests on your premises. 

3. Economical benefits

Scheduled annual pest control costs less than emergency treatments. Pest infestations can grow exponentially if not regularly checked and treated. Large infestations require consecutive follow-up appointments. You might end up paying a fortune if you don’t have annual pest control. Owners of multiple properties also benefit from annual pest control coverage instead of calling emergency treatments for every property, which can be very costly. 

4. Reduced pesticide use

When handling pests, you may not know about the latest products to use, especially at home. Many products employed by pest control technicians are environmentally friendly. With an annual pest control plan, you don’t have to worry about which products to use in case of a pest problem. Besides, tackling pests on your own is a headache you’d want to avoid.

Did you know?

Pests can be a menace to your property, but apart from that, there are many fascinating facts about pests that you ought to know. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

  1. Rodents can spread at least 35 diseases to humans, including Hantavirus and Rat-bite fever. They can spread these diseases through urine, droppings, or even saliva when they bite you.
  2. Bed bugs like blood, and they just can’t get enough of it. 
  3. Cockroaches like eating eye-lashes, fingernails, and callused skin. They are commonly known to bite people when they are asleep, transferring severe skin infections in the process. 
  4. According to research, rats are vulnerable to peer pressure. They feel the urge to eat food that they don’t like just because their fellow rats have eaten it.
  5. Houseflies are among the most annoying pests in the world. Instead of a mouth, they have a feeding tube that they use to transmit diseases once they come in contact with food. 
  6. Spiders don’t chew food. They pre-digest it outside their bodies so that they just slurp it down. 
  7. Mosquitoes are considered mini vampires. They can suck blood up to three times their weight. 
  8. A cockroach can live an entire week without its head so don’t think you can kill cockroaches by cutting off the head. It only dies due to dehydration and lack of water. 


Pests can cause a lot of damage to your premises while transmitting diseases to humans. They are also very hard to control, especially since most of them multiply rapidly if not treated, causing a full-blown infestation in no time. 

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