How Often Should I Get My Home Inspected for Termites?

Termite Inspection Schedule

Termite Inspection

Most article about termites are often full of statistics, such as termites cause $1.5 billion dollars per year. However, since there are over 9 million homes in Australia that means that termites only do on average $16.66 per year per household in damage. Not so bad when you look at it that way right.

However, here’s another statistic that is easier to follow: According to Michael Higgins from Pro Termites, a colony of 1 million termites can consume up to 6.8 kgs of wood per week, and the source of that wood could be from your homes foundation, vital support beams, your homes insulation or more.

So, pay attention if you are a homeowner, and want to avoid damage that could amount to $5,000 or more for foundation repair.

A brief look at termites

There are nearly 3,000 varieties of termites, but relatively few that humans need to worry about.

The particular worrisome termites include:

Subterranean Termites

These are termites that live underground in colonies. They tunnel underground to get wood and are responsible for the majority of the damage in North America.

Drywood termites

Mostly found in Southern California and the Southeast United States, drywood termites live within the wood itself, eating it, often undetected, from the inside out. Frequently found within attics, door frames, window frames, etc. they can make solid wood fragile without detection that it is barely hanging by a thread.

Dampwood termites

Frequently found in the Pacific areas of the country, but located elsewhere as well, they eat damp, moist wood and surfaces, so homes with moisture or plumbing problems are affected.

A brief look at termites

Which Australian states have the least and the most termites?

Termite activity in states like Tasmania tend to be lower due to the cooler temperatures. But termite activity in just about every Australian state is similar.

So how often should you have a termite inspection?

  1. Once a year for a routine home inspection
  2. Before buying a home: You want to be sure you are not buying a termite-infested home
  3. Before selling a home: You want to correct any potential problems before you put your home up for sale.
  4. If you notice any signs of termite problems: Be on the lookout for discarded wings of termites, termite droppings, hollowed-out wood, warped doors and windows, white ants, which are actually termites, clicking sounds indicating chewing, and drooping floor and drywall.

How much does a termite inspection cost?

Termite inspections typically run from $150 to $350, depending upon the size of property and complexity of the job.

How are termites eradicated?

There are two major methods of termite eradication, spot treatment, and soil treatment, which are also called termite barriers.

Spot treatment, which typically costs between $250 and $1000, focuses on where termites have been found. Soil treatment is the second option, and it involves placing bait stations throughout your yard. The termites eat the bait and take it back to the nest.

Soil treatment is by far the best overall option, but it is comparatively expensive. Plan on spending $1000 to $5000.

Fumigation is the last resort, but even pest control companies are hesitant to do fumigation because of the health concerns for the occupants.

Tips for hiring pros

Tips for hiring pros

Like any service industry that caters to the homeowner, reputation is everything. Read review sites, and read customer comments on the service. If possible, talk to friends or co-workers about their recommendations.

Choose carefully, and don’t be pressured to signing a contract.