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Our team of experts can help eradicate your white ants problem for good. With over 10 years experience in the treatment and control of white ants and termites we are confident to put an end to any issues you have on your property. We have a strong passion for getting the job done right, on time and on budget.

Pro Pest Control Brisbane specialise can provide an inspection to identify white ants and recommend removal strategies. Our inspection team at fully trained and qualified to handle all species of white ants.

What Are White Ants?

Whiteants, also called as Subterranean termites, are small social insects and they always live in colonies. In a colony, there could be many different forms of white ants, these are called castes. Soldiers defend their colony against intruders whereas reproductive castes (Queens) are just an egg-laying machine. But the worker castes are the ones who can do all the damage to a building. Workers are blind, sterile, wingless and are responsible for gathering food, building and repairing the tunnels and nest, feeding other members of their colony. All termites feed on cellulose (present in wood, timber, paper, etc.) as their main food source. They invade a building mostly in concealed areas. They can easily work their way in to a home from under the flooring, up the wall cavities, along plumbing works or even through the joints in the building concrete and cause great wood damage. Physical barriers made of metal or rock, chemical barriers or setting up white-ant bait stations can help control white ant penetration.

If you suspect you have white ants in or around your property book an inspection and treatment plan today. We use the very latest thermal imaging cameras and products to ensure our white ant control is effective on both residential and commercial properties.

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