Fun Facts About Pests

We Share Some Interesting Facts About Common Pests

Pest Fun Facts

Pests are a common nuisance. But there are some interesting facts about them that you might have never heard. The following are some creppy facts about these critters.

1. Rats

Rats exist in every part of the world. They are capable of spreading life-threatening diseases; and they are always competing with man for food. However, rats are extremely affectionate and social animals. They enjoy company of domestic animals and other rats. Rats also like being close to humans. Rats and mice are the most commonly used animals in scientific laboratories.

2. Mice

Just like rats, mice can transmit diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella – but they do not transmit Wiel’s disease. Their repeated dribble of urine contaminates feedstuffs and food. Mice are nocturnal animals. Their eyesight is very poor although they make up for that with their great smell and hearing ability. Also, their tails can grow as long as their body. They can eat 15-20 times in a single day

3. Cockroaches

Did you know that a cockroach lives for seven days without a head? They will spend daytime hours hiding in crevices and cracks – around water and food sources such as sinks and cookers – because they are nocturnal. The pest can also hold its breath for up to 40 minutes and what’s more, it can live under water for half an hour. The pests will run up to three miles within an hour.

4. Housefly

Houseflies are among the most annoying pests in the world. The common housefly has an eating tube, not a mouth. Flies can travel for thirteen miles from their birthplace. Even though their wings beat at 20 thousand times per minute, they can only travel for five miles per hour. The 4000 lenses in every eye provide a wider view angle.

5. Spiders

Among the35000 existing spider species, 27 of them can cause human fatalities. Some male spiders will pluck their cobweb the same way you pluck your guitar (if you have one) to attract the female spiders.

6. Fleas

Did you know a flea can jump 130 times its height? A flea must pass four life stages: egg, larva, pupa and biting adult. They feed on blood and a female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. Typically, a flea can live for around 100 days.

7. Ants

Ants do not sleep. If a queen dies, the entire colony will die because there will be no new workers. There was once an ant colony that spanned over 6000 Km or 3750 miles in length. Among all living insects, ants enjoy the longest life – they can live to around 30 years of age. Certain ants can move the fastest in the entire animal kingdom.

8. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are great at hiding. They mostly hide in crevices and cracks during daytime hours. Night time is for feeding. As the darness sets in, bed bugs come out to feed on the host’s blood. They only do that when the host is asleep. Very cheeky little critters!

As you can see there are some fun and interesting facts about household pests. If you have anymore information we missed please comment or send to us. Thanks for reading.